Gaming x Crypto

The Potential of the Gaming and Cryptocurrency Audience

Gaming Community

The global gaming community provides a fertile ground for WB's expansion. As of 2023, there are approximately 3.22 billion active video game players worldwide​​ [4], presenting a massive audience for engagement and conversion into potential bettors on the platform.

Cryptocurrency Users

The intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency is another key area for WB. With over 420 million crypto users globally [5]​​, WB's integration of cryptocurrency betting taps into a growing demographic that is already familiar with digital currencies and likely receptive to online betting.

Gamer Streaming Viewership

Platforms like Twitch are testament to the engagement level in the gaming community. Twitch alone attracts over 35 million average daily unique users, with over 2.5 million average viewers at any given time, and monthly, 7 million streamers go live on the platform [6]​​​​. These numbers highlight the immense potential for platforms like WB to capture the attention of a highly engaged, tech-savvy audience.

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