Scenarios & User Stories

Embracing Diversity in Betting

WB reimagines betting, transforming it into an inclusive and versatile experience. Our ethos, 'you can bet on anything, with anyone,' is not just a slogan but a promise of endless possibilities.

Scenario Spectrum

  • e-Sports Enthusiasts: Imagine betting live on the outcome of an intense e-sports championship, feeling the rush as your favourite team battles for victory.

  • Political Pundits: Those with a keen eye on political tides can predict election outcomes or major policy decisions, adding an extra layer of excitement to global events.

  • Sports Savvy: Traditional sports betting takes a novel turn with WB, where users can bet on everything from local football games to international cricket matches.

  • Casual Challenges: Friends challenge each other over simple games or quirky dares, making everyday moments a source of fun and excitement.

User Stories (Categories)

Gaming (eg. e-Sports)

  • Alex, the Gamer: A college student and gaming enthusiast, Alex uses WB to bet on e-sports tournaments. It's not just about winning; it's about being part of a community that shares his passion.

Sports (eg. Fantasy Football)

  • Sam, the Social Bettor: Sam loves the camaraderie of betting with friends. Whether it's a football match or season long fantasy league, he finds joy in the shared experience WB offers.

News (eg. Politics, Weather)

  • Riya, the Risk Taker: A young professional with a knack for predictions, Riya enjoys betting on political events. WB gives her a platform to test her insights and engage with like-minded individuals.

Markets (eg. Crypto)

  • Elena, the Crypto Enthusiast: As a crypto investor, Elena appreciates the ease of using her digital currency for betting. WB's integration of crypto aligns perfectly with her lifestyle.

Casino (eg. Poker)

  • Jade, the Casino Connoisseur: Jade loves the thrill of casino games like blackjack and roulette. Using WB, she enjoys these classic games online, experiencing the excitement of Vegas-style betting from home and connecting with fellow casino game lovers.


WB's diverse range of betting options and its inclusive platform cater to a broad spectrum of interests and demographics. From the casual bettor looking for fun to the serious predictor seeking a challenge, WB has something for everyone. It's more than a platform; it's a community where every bet is an adventure, and every user has a story.

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