Resolving Outcome


  • Bettors have the option to click 'Complete', either after the proposer has declared it so, or after a pre-set time. The bet officially ends as soon as bettors representing more than half of the amount wagered on each side have clicked β€˜Complete’.

  • Bettors must then select 'Won' or 'Lost'. Again, as soon as bettors representing more than 50% of the total amount wagered on each side, have selected either option, then this becomes the final selection for that side.

  • If the sides disagree, then individual bettors can either select 'Dispute', or go back and change their original choice.

  • The bet settles as soon as over 50% agree on an outcome. Failing that, it goes to the dispute process as soon as anyone hits β€˜Dispute', or after a certain period of non-agreement.

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