Distribution of $WANNA

We've strategically allocated tokens to ensure long-term growth and value for all stakeholders:

  • Seed Funding (~18%): This significant allocation allows us to raise substantial capital for platform development and marketing, accelerating our growth and enhancing the platform's value.

  • Liquidity (~24.6%): Ensuring liquidity in the market is crucial for the stability and reliability of our token, benefiting all users and stakeholders. 10% will be released at TGE, with the remainder vesting linearly over 4 months. It will be added gradually as price rises, to reinforce price floors incrementally on the way up. Any unlocked tokens not yet added to LP will sit securely inside a multi-sig wallet, with any liquidity added being locked for minimum 1 year.

  • Incentives (33%): Vested linearly over 24 months, this allocation is designed to incentivise and retain users, fostering a vibrant and active community, which is key to our platform's success.

  • Treasury (16%): Vested linearly over 8 months, these funds are reserved for marketing (Partnerships / KOLs) and development, ensuring the platform's continued presence and innovation. These tokens will be secure inside a multi-sig.

  • Airdrop (3.4%): A short-term 2 month vesting + 1 month cliff helps attract initial users while maintaining token stability. Due to its size, this airdrop will be further subdivided across multiple campaigns (eg. Social media tasks, Meme competitions, fun & viral social challenges etc).

  • Team (5%): With a 13 month cliff + 5 months linear vesting period (18 months total), this aligns the team's interests with the long-term success of the platform, ensuring commitment and sustained progress.

This distribution balances immediate growth needs with long-term stability and community engagement, aligning with our commitment to delivering lasting value to all stakeholders, as well as users.

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