Reasons for Holding $WANNA Token

Revenue Share

Token holders receive a pro-rata share of 80% of [non $WANNA] platform revenue, with the remaining 20% going to the treasury to cover operational costs. Holders also receive 50% of $WANNA revenue (see below).

Fee Discount

Bettors will receive a big discount on fees when betting with $WANNA (see previous page). 50% of $WANNA fees generated will be distributed to holders, 40% burned and 10% goes to the bet proposer, providing they hold at least 1,000 $WANNA (as stated above), otherwise this portion is burned too.

Rewarding Loyal Users

Bet & Share 2 Earn

  • Earn Tokens by Betting: Place bets on WB to earn tokens.

  • Invite Friends for More Tokens: Get extra tokens when your invited friends place bets.

  • Boost Tokens with Social Media: Share your wins on social media. The more views your posts get, the bigger the boost to your tokens (up to 2x boost).

Bet & Burn

The WB team will set thrilling bets using $WANNA tokens from 1/2 of the buy tax. Win, and we burn the winnings, boosting token value. Lose, and you, the lucky bettors, score the tokens! It's a win-win for everyone holding $WANNA!

Token Tax

Buy Tax: 4% (2% to Treasury / 2% to Top Referrers)

Sell Tax: 4% (2% to Holders / 2% to Bet-&-Burn)

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