Placing a Bet

Version 1 of Betting Process

Wanna.Bot is your ultimate playground to turn hunches into wins. It's where the world comes to bet on the future, from sports showdowns, to the next viral sensation in pop culture. Snag real-time odds on what's buzzing and make your move!

What's with the odds?

Odds are your crystal ball into the likelihood of any event happening. For example, if shares for your favourite streamer conquering that mammoth pizza are trading at $0.69, that's the $Wanna crowd's way of saying there's a 69% chance it'll happen.

How do you score big?

Take the same bistro bet—if you're convinced the odds are in your favour and buy in at $0.69, a win turns each of those into a cool $1, netting you a sweet $0.31 per share. If the tide turns against you? You're free to sell any time, potentially turning a profit still.

Why trust Wanna.Bot odds?

Odds are formed by the collective intelligence of the market, funnelling current news, data, polls, expert tea leaves etc. into live odds, constantly refined by the bets of sharp minds like yours.

Diving into the action:

Signed up and funded? Let's roll. Find a bet that speaks to you, dive in and place your bet with a few easy clicks. And if your bet hits the mark, you might $WANNA share your success on social media!

Ready to outsmart the future?!

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